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A team driven by innovation and a desire. Sankalp & Anik, a tech wiz & water champion, build a brighter future. Sankalp invents (Helmet Guardian, e-bikes), Anik conserves (HydroGravitricity). Together, they innovate for positive change.

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Winners of AIM-ICDK 2.0, Represented India at the IWA World Water Congress 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Smart India Hackathon, 2022

Winners, Asia's largest hackathon Smart India Hackathon 2022, Water Harvesting and monitoring category.

BUILD, IIT Hyderabad

Winners of the prestigious BUILD Program of IIT Hyderabad, 2023.

Top-17, Together 4.0

Selected as the Top-17 startups in the Together 4.0 Mission, Schulich School of Business and Startup India's colaboration.

INAE-SERB Startup Showcase

Second runners up in the startup showcase, 6th INAE-SERB Startup Showcase, GITAM Youth Conclave 2023.


Water Consumption Monitoring

Water Consumption Monitoring offers precise tracking and analysis, ensuring efficient usage and sustainability in water management.

Water Quality Monitoring

Flostat specializes in Water Quality Monitoring, ensuring purity and safety through advanced technology for reliable and sustainable water management.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-time Analytics service delivers instant, data-driven insights for leakage prevention and alerts, enhancing decision-making and resource efficiency.


Anik Panja

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Flostat, I'm passionate about water conservation. We use advanced analytics to reuse greywater and monitor water quality and quantity. Let's build a sustainable future!

Akkurada Sankalp

Product Lead

Tech enthusiast & problem solver, I create real-world solutions like the HELMET GUARDIAN, DASH Flagship of Vehicle Safety and eco-friendly HOP e-bikes. Let's build something incredible together!



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